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Ilona Maher Stiff Arm is Trending Following Her Match Against Japan at the Olympics

Ilona Maher, we have no idea how we should introduce her to you, but at this point, we suppose you...
Posted On July 30, 2021
ilona maher stiff arm

Ilona Maher, we have no idea how we should introduce her to you, but at this point, we suppose you know better than us who Ilona Maher is following her match against Japan; Ilona Maher stiff arm did the magic!

The new TikTok sensation and Rugby Sevens player for the USA team is trending following she started documenting her stay at the Olympic village, but that's an old story now. Her stiff arm action is taking all the applauds now.

The fun-and-humor-filled 24-year-old Ilona Maher's performance against Japan was in the spotlight recently. Ilona Maher stiff arm made the headline throwing a strong, stiff arm against one of the Japanese players on Thursday.

Ilona Maher Stiff Arm Gets a Special Coverage

Ilona Maher stiff arm got the spotlight during the event, and why shouldn't it? The brutal action helped Ilona and Team USA score and eventually win the match against Team Japan.

Here's the video for Ilona Maher stiff arm, a highlight of the game.

Fox News reported on Thursday, July 29; Team USA defeated Japan 17-7 in their Pool C game. "Maher game the stiff arm to her Japanese opponent and finished with the score. She had five points in the US win."

Maher and Her Fellow Team Mates Love Throwing Stiff Arm!

As we all know by now, Ilona Maher is one of the most famous athletes TikToker. She is known for showing her humorous side to the world while documenting the Olympic village's rooms and dining hall.

The breakout player uploaded a video a day ago, and in her "Teammate Highlight," Ilona Maher introduced fellow athlete Kristi Kirshe, during which the two discuss their game strategy.

While talking with Ilona Maher, Kristi says her strategy is to throw a strong, stiff arm against their opponent. Ilona introduces Kirshe as a 2-try scorer against China; Here's the conversation between the two.

Kristi: "Hey guys, I am Kristi Kirshe, I am from Boston, Massachusetts."

Ilona: "And what does it feels like when people are running you down, trying to tackle you?"

Kristi: "Ohh! Nothing makes you more powerful, you know, throwing that stiff arm, pushing them on the ground!"

Ilona Maher promises to bring one team member following each match on her "Teammate Highlight" videos while her team competes at the Olympics. You can watch the  Ilona video featuring Kristi here.

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