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Alix Klineman Boyfriend 2021: The Beach Volleyball Player is Dating a Former Ice Hockey Player! Here's Everything You Should Know

The couple recently announced their engagement; continue reading to find out more about Alix Klineman's relationship and dating life...
Posted On July 26, 2021
alix klineman boyfriend 2021 teddy purcell

Alix Klineman, born Alexandra "Alix" Klineman, is an American beach volleyball and former indoor volleyball player competing at the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. The four-time All-American player along with April Ross cruised to a victory in the beach volleyball opener. The duo just bagged a win against China.

April is an experienced player when it comes to Olympics, it's the third time she has appeared in the Summer Games, but for Alix Klineman, it's a whole new taste; The 31-year-old is competing in the Olympics for the first time.

Alix Klineman has been active on social media these days and constantly updating her fans. From Olympic preparation to reaching Tokyo, she never misses a thing. On July 10, she took to her Instagram to tell her fans how she is preparing herself for the Summer Games.

Though it was a sponsored post, the intent is all there, and it's a must product for beach volleyball players, we suppose. She wrote, "Gearing up for Tokyo (we leave in 6 days!!) and I have everything I need to get me through these long practices in the sun. I’m never without this handy little [product name] clear sunscreen stick. It’s so convenient, plus it glides on smoothly and completely clear. It’s a solution that works just as hard in the heat as I do ?."

Alix Klineman also updated her fans after reaching Tokyo. She wrote, "Made it to the Olympic village here in Tokyo! ? After a long flight and a day full of walking (today was our day to explore), I’m so grateful to [product name] for providing the perfect relief to get me feeling fresh again! First practice tomorrow! Stay tuned :)"

Well, you can see Alix never misses a thing to update on her social media and is pretty open about her relationship too. She often posts her boyfriend's pictures on her Instagram.

Alix Klineman Boyfriend 2021

Alix Klineman is, indeed, in a relationship. If you follow her Instagram, you already know the beach volleyball player is dating her boyfriend, Teddy Purcell. The couple was recently featured on Vogue Magazine and Arch Digest just a few days earlier.

The 6-foot-2-inch tall Alix Klineman and her boyfriend, Teddy Purcell, started dating back in 2017, but the couple opened up about their relationship only in 2018, after almost a year of dating.

Alix Klineman and Teddy Purcell have taken their relationship a step further; the couple is now engaged and waiting for the Olympics to end to tie the knots. What a year for Alix, really!

 Who is Alix Klineman Boyfriend, Teddy Purcell?

Alix Klineman boyfriend, Teddy Purcell, is a former ice hockey player for Los Angeles Kings; the 35-year-old also played for Tampa Bay Lightning, Edmonton Oilers, and Florida Panthers.

alix klineman boyfriend 2021 teddy purcellAlix Klineman is now engaged to her boyfriend, Teddy Purcell. The couple announced their engagement on June 21, 2021.

Teddy Purcell is spending his retirement life in the countryside, and he seems pretty content with his life now; Since he is going to be hitched with a national beach volleyball player, we can already see he is planning for kids.

But Alix Klineman's boyfriend never misses to pull a joke; back in 2020, the 35-year-old former ice hockey player took to Instagram to let his followers know how he is spending his retirement life. He uploaded a picture wearing a head mask and snorkel, alongside Alix holding packs of bread.

Teddy, on the caption, wrote, " After retirement, find yourself a nice bread winner to keep paying for your scuba diving hobby. ?"

Alix Klineman and Teddy Purcell on Social Media

The couple is pretty open about their relationship, Alix Klineman, and her boyfriend is already engaged, so we don't suppose there's anything to hide between them. They often post pictures of them together and wish each other on special occasions. They give attention to even the tiniest of detail when it comes to relationships.

The 31-year-old beach volleyball player recently wished her boyfriend on Instagram. Alix posted a picture of them together with their dog, Vedder, on September 9 to wish Teddy a happy birthday. In the caption, she wrote, "Happy birthday to the one and only [Teddy Purcell] Vedder and I love you so much ? Thanks for making life infinitely more fun. Day 4 of your birthday week coming right up..."


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