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Corey Harrison From "Pawn Stars" Dead? No, He is Alive and Doing Well [Updated 2021]

Corey Harrison from "Pawn Stars" was speculated to be dead recently...
Posted On September 3, 2021
Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars Dead

Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars was speculated to be dead, but according to our reporters, he is alive and doing well. Sometimes internet mixes up things and creates confusion in the community, so is the case with Corey from Pawn Stars.

The father-son duo appears on the History TV series "Pawn Stars," which documents their work at the world-famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shop is co-owned by Rick and Harrison.

His recent pictures on his social media profiles also prove Corey is doing well. The 38-year-old Corey Harrison was recently seen outside Capriotti's. With the picture, Harrison tweeted, "I mean if you guys asked I probably wouldn't say no to [Cappriotti's]."

Corey Harrison even posted a picture on his Instagram just two days ago, which cancels out the rumors of his death. Harrison, however, had a near-death experience back in 2014. The Pawn Stars Corey survived a major bike accident.

TMZ reported Corey Harrison flung himself off a moving motorcycle to avoid a major crash. The 38-year-old's friends and family had organized a birthday party for him, he left on his bike to grab some supplies for the party, but a piece of the bottom fender mount suddenly broke off.

The bike was sent into a tailspin. To avoid major injuries, Corey jumped off the bike. But the 38-year-old didn't choose to go to a nearby hospital; instead, he went right back to the birthday party. Later he ended up in ER. Later he learned he had a broken hand, and doctors surgically placed 8 screws and 2 plates into his hands.

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