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Pawn Star Pleads Guilty: Chumlee's Serious Legal Issue Outside the Show!

Pawn Stars' Chumlee pleaded guilty to unlawful firearms possession, felony weapon charge, and attempted drug possession.
Posted On September 4, 2021
Pawn Star Pleads Guilty: what did chumley go to jail for

Austin Lee Russell, aka Chumlee, the funnyman of the History channel pawn show, "Pawn Stars," pleaded guilty and took a plea deal that kept him out of jail on charges filed after the Police discovered guns and drugs in search of his home in March of 2016.

Chumlee's house was raided during the investigation into sexual assault charges; while the police searched his house, they came across crystal meth, cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, and several guns. The investigation team concluded the Pawn Star was dealing drugs on the side.

Chumlee was arrested and released on bond but was to appear in court a few days later. But a few weeks later, he was again charged with 20 felony accounts, including weapon and drug possession. The pawn star pleaded guilty to unlawful firearm possession, felony weapon charge, and attempted drug possession.

The charges came with a sentence of three years probation and counseling. According to the reports, he was in term if he stays out of trouble until 2019, the felony charge would be dismissed, and Chumlee would be left with only a misdemeanor conviction on his record, if he had failed to comply, he would have faced two to five years in state prison.

Reality shows are often the center of controversies and Pawn Stars and its stars are not untouched by it. While Chumlee's legal issue was outside the show, "Pawn Stars" itself was in trouble before Austin's case. The pawnshop melted the stolen $50,000 coin collection.

A criminal complaint filed by the State of Nevada in Clark County Justice Court stated a coin collection valued by its owner, David Walters, at up to $50,000 was stolen from the owner's home in November 2013 by Walters' niece, Jennifer Beckman. She sold the stolen coin collection to the pawnshop; Detective Watkins contacted the shop to place a hold on the coins but could not recover them.

No action was taken against the "Pawn Stars" shop because Watkins and spokesman for Gold and Silver stated too much time had passed. The owner didn't discover the thefts until several months, and police did not notify the shop that the coins were stolen right away.

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