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Rhys McClenaghan Girlfriend 2021: Who is the Irish Gymnast Dating? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Rhys McClenaghan might be debunking "Olympic Anti-S*x beds" but he is not telling whom he is dating. However, we know who she is!
Posted On July 20, 2021
Rhys McClenaghan Girlfriend emilee carr gf

Rhys McClenaghan, born Rhys Joshua McClenaghan, is an Irish gymnast competing in Olympics in Japan for Ireland. The Irish lad has an incredible talent, no doubt about it, but he is making the rounds of tabloids for a different reason.

People who know Rhys McClenaghan must be aware; the 21-year-old gymnast likes to capture his daily life on his camera. The Irish gymnast has a YouTube channel where he often posts vlogs.

Since Rhys is fond of capturing moments and is in Japan for the summer Olympics, the 21-year-old had to upload something fun during his stay. So the lad starts his camera and shoots a fun video, jumping on his bed.

The video posted on Rhys' Twitter opens with him saying, "at today's episode of fake news at the Olympic games, the beds are meant to be anti-s*x, they are made out of cardboard, yes but [starts jumping]. Apparently, they are meant to break at any sudden movement! IT'S BIG FAKE NEWS!"

Rhys' video, which was supposed to be a parody, went viral and was covered by New York Post. Can you believe it? Anyways, we know he is a good lad and deserves all the attention, but do you know who is getting attention from him?

Rhys McClenaghan Girlfriend 2021

We all know, the 21-year-old Irish gymnast is off the market as he is in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend. You can see him posting pictures of her on his Instagram account but will never tell you who she is, or at least waiting for the right time to introduce.

Rhys McClenaghan Girlfriend emilee carr gfRhys McClenaghan's girlfriend's name is Emilee Carr. The couple is dating for almost three years now. [Emily/Social Profile]

Since this is the internet, it's hard to keep things secret once you put something here anyway. However, many media outlets still failed to find out who is Rhys McClenaghan's girlfriend.

But our team at NNR live for challenges like this (was a joke!). Anyways, we found out Rhys McClenaghan's girlfriend's name. After hours (literally hours) of stalking his profile, we found her name.

Rhys McClenaghan's girlfriend's name is Emilee Carr. The 21-year-old has posted pictures of his girlfriend several times on his Instagram account but never mentioned her name. Maybe she chose to keep it that way for some privacy concern, but we now know who she is.

Who is Rhys McClenaghan Girlfriend, Emilee Carr?

Rhys McClenaghan's girlfriend, Emilee Carr, is also a gymnast. Following some research, we found out Emilee is an acrobatic gymnast for Ireland and is a Northern Ireland Champion and Irish Champion.

Rhys McClenaghan Girlfriend emilee carr gfRhys McClenaghan Girlfriend, Emilee Carr, is an acrobatic gymnast and coach. [Emily/Social Profile]

Emilee Carr hails from Bangor, County Down, Ireland. Currently, Rhys McClenaghan's girlfriend is working as a gymnastic coach at Rathgael Gymnastics and Tumbling Club. According to some sources, she is 20 years old now as of this writing.

Rhys McClenaghan and Emilee Carr Relationship Timeline

Not much is known about their relationship, but Rhys has been posting pictures of his girlfriend for a while now. If we are not wrong, the couple is dating for almost three years now.

The last picture couple posted a picture together was on Valentine's day. Both Rhys and his girlfriend uploaded the same picture. The 21-year-old gymnast posted a picture with a caption that reads, "Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️," while Emilee posted just a red heart emoji.

We will not share her profiles link for privacy concerns and suggest our readers respect their privacy as well.

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