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Tim Kennedy's Wife, Ginger Kennedy: The Couple Shares Two Children in their 9+ Years of Marriage

Tim Kennedy has been married to his wife, Ginger Kennedy, for more than nine years now, and they share two beautiful kids. Though Ginger is not active on social media, she sometimes appears on Tim's Instagram posts.
Posted On August 16, 2022
tim kennedy wife ginger kennedy instagram

Tim Kennedy, a retired MMA fighter and current soldier, is married to his beautiful wife, Ginger Kennedy. The couple has been married for more than nine years now, and they share two kids in their almost decade long of nuptials. Since we all know, Kennedy is a sort of social media star himself, it is not easy for Ginger to keep with his charisma.

As a wife of former MMA fighter, soldier and social media influencer, all packed in one, it's quite obvious to think she often make make appearance on Tim Kennedy's posts, which she does, but she never was a clout chaser. Though she could have been easily a social media star herself, Ginger has kept herself away from the public attention.

But once in a while, we get to see Ginger Kennedy on Tim's social media posts, so, it's get somewhat easier to know more about her and her personal life. Though there's nothing we could find that, we assume, you haven't found already, here's something worth sharing about the life of former MMA fighter's wife.

Tim Kennedy's Wife Ginger Kennedy, is a Homemaker

We have often seen celebrities' wife tagging along with their partner in their business ventures. Things are different when it comes to Ginger Kennedy. The wife of former MMA fighter loves to stay low, and lead a normal life. She, however, keeps herself busy with a uphill battle of taking care of children and their dream home.

tim kennedy wife ginger kennedy instagram and childrenTim Kennedy with his wife, Ginger Kennedy, and two children. (Ginger Kennedy Instagram)

Though she rarely makes an appearance on Tim Kennedy's posts, but when she does, Ginger Kennedy is often seen taking care of children and doing chores. While it's silly to make anything from a mere few posts, but it feels like Ginger loves what she does.

Ginger Kennedy is of Italian Descent

While much is not known about Tim Kennedy's wife, it's known that Ginger Kennedy takes pride of her Italian descent. Moreover, Tim Kennedy's wife has a strong accent. Well, keeping that aside, you should know Ginger is okay with Tim bringing in his toys, by toys we mean firearms.

In several videos, we have seen Tim Kennedy unpacking his shooting irons in front of his two kids. And surprisingly, the kids love to play with their dad's toys.

A Supportive Wife, Ginger

Remember, we mentioned Ginger Kennedy doesn't seek the limelight, and rarely makes her appearances on any of the Tim's social media posts or events. Well, you should know, she is a pillar for husband and supports in every step. Just recently, Kennedy started a "Apprenticeship Program" for middle schooler.

The apprenticeship program, Apogee Cedar Park, is a private school to inspire each middle schoolers "who enters the program to find a calling and change the world." Ginger Kennedy has a huge role in making this exciting new vocational training program. Though they never mentioned it, it's the fact.

According to Tim Kennedy, the apprenticeship program will launch this year where middle schoolers can meet and learn from business owners, artists, engineers, etc. This will allow the students to interview their future and find their calling.

Tim and Ginger Kennedy Have Some 30 Rules for Their Children

From what you have read so far, we suppose you already have an idea of how much Tim Kennedy and Ginger Kennedy love their two children, and let us tell you, they are very strict when it comes to rules for their two kids. Kennedy said he grew up with the same rules, and he is passing on to his children. Tim says,

"Humans are more important than Hardware, Quality is better than Quantity, Special things (especially people) cannot be mass produced, Competence under stress cannot be created after emergencies occur, You can’t do everything alone. It’s not bad to need help or ask for it, Know how to shake a hand. Never do it sitting down, grip firmly and look them in the eye, Learn how to cook, Spend 30 min a day reading up on current events but know you aren’t an expert, Request the late checkout, Hold your heroes to a higher standard"

Tim Adds,

"Whatever you do, do it with passion or don’t do it at all, Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should, Be an oak. Your strength lies in your foundation and roots, Experience the serenity of traveling alone, Try writing your own eulogy. Never stop revising, Thank a veteran even if you are one, After writing an angry email or post, read it carefully. Then delete it, Ask your mom to play. She won’t let you win, Give credit. Take the blame, Stand up to Bullies. Protect those bullied, Write down your dreams and don’t hide them, Add value everywhere you go, Be confident and humble at the same time, REFUSE to be ordinary! Change the world, don't let it change you, Only perfect practice leads to perfection, Run with joy, Always know I have your back."

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