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Adam Duritz Girlfriend: Is the Counting Crows Vocalist Dating Someone in 2022?

Adam Duritz is allegedly dating a new girlfriend; however, we are still yet to get the official report or announcement from the Counting Crows' frontman himself.
Posted On August 28, 2022
adam duritz girlfriend 2022

Adam Duritz, the vocalist of one of the most incredible bands in the '90s, Counting Crows, has always been in the news for dating A-listers in Hollywood. How can we forget Duritz admitted to dating Jennifer Aniston before becoming famous?

After Jennifer Aniston, Adam dated another "Friends" star, Courteney Cox; The rumors of their romance started after Courteney appeared in "A Long December" music in 1997. The gossip was so strong that some even assumed Adam Duritz and Courteney were married at one point. However, that's just speculation, and Adam Duritz was never married.

Since he is not married, we all have a feeling that Adam is dating someone in 2022. So, is the Counting Crows frontman really dating someone? There is some talk of Adam dating a reality star, Mimi Ivey. The alleged couple has not appeared together at any event, nor have they confirmed the news. So, it's still too early to tell if they are really dating.

Talking about Adam Duritz's alleged girlfriend, Mimi Ivey, is a model, actress, and Reality TV personality. While disclosing more information won't be right just yet because the two have not confirmed they are dating. But, here's the list (in no particular order) of people Adam Duritz has dated over the past few years.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

Before he dated Aniston, Duritz was briefly linked to Lara Flynn Boyle in 1992, Monica Potter in 1994, and a short fling with Winona Ryder Ryder in 1994. While Aniston and Duritz's romance was short-lived, their relationship is still something people talk about.

After Aniston, Duritz dated another "Friends" star, Courteney Cox. The Counting Crows frontman said he dated both the actress before they became famous after the "Friends" series.

Mary-Louise Parker and Christina Applegate

After Courteney, Adam Duritz dated Marie-Louise Parker in 1997. Their relationship lasted almost a year, and after the split, Adam focused his interest on Applegate.

After breaking up with Mary-Louise, Adam was briefly linked with Christina Applegate in 1998-1999.

Samantha Mathis and Trishelle Cannatella

Adam and Samantha Mathis dated for a year from 2004 to 2005; They had a cute relationship, but it seems they were not made for each other and parted ways. After Samantha, Adam was in a relationship with Trishelle Cannatella, but it didn't last more than a few months.

Whitney Casey and Emmy Rossum

The Counting Crows vocalist dated Whitney Casey in 2008, which lasted almost a year. Then after Casey, Adam Duritz dated Emmy Rosum; Their relationship also didn't last more than a year. The former couple parted ways in 2010.

You can see that Adam had difficulty committing himself to a meaningful, long-term relationship. It's a pattern for him, we suppose. None of his relationships lasted for more than a year. So, it's really tough to say who he is dating right now.

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