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Who is Mike Chen of 'Strictly Dumpling'? Does He Have a Girlfriend in 2021? Here's What We Know So Far!

The 40-year-old food vlogger, Mike Chen, aka "Strictly Dumpling," is still single as of 2021.
Posted On August 6, 2021
Mike Chen girlfriend christine 2021

We all know him as "Strictly Dumpling;" Let's admit it, we loved watching Mike Chen's video on his YouTube channel before even we knew his name. The 40-year-old Chinese-American content creator loves to gorge on food, and we love watching him do that.

He lives with a motto, "you get hungry every day, so you might as well film it; the 40-year-old food blogger is your one-stop destination if you are into a food adventure. We know how massive he is with his fans as the food vlogger amasses a least of one million views on his videos.

Mike's first channel, "Strictly Dumpling," started in October 2013, has more than 3.82 million subscribers. The 40-year-old content creator started his secondary channel, "Mikey Chen," in August 2014.

Mike's second channel also boasts an impressive 1.4 million subscribers as of this writing, making him one of the most prominent food bloggers in the whole YouTube community. We will unfold more interesting facts about him, but first, let's find about his dating life.

(Update October 21, 2021: Mike Chen Married his longtime girlfriend, Christine)

Who is Mike Chen Girlfriend in 2021? Is He Dating?

With millions of followers and fans across his social media profiles and YouTube channel, it would be shocking to know if Mike Chen hasn't found anyone yet to date.

Mike Chen girlfriend christine 2021Mike Chen is single and doesn't have a girlfriend as of 2021. (Herrine's Instagram)

Surprising it may sound, but that's true; Mikey Chen doesn't have a girlfriend, nor is he married as of 2021. While the 40-year-old content creator was linked with a few names in the past, all those rumors faded as the YouTuber confirmed none of them.

Mike Chen's Past Relationship?

It's confirmed that Mike Chen is single and is not dating anyone as of 2021; Believe us, we would know if he were dating someone. However, the 40-year-old was linked to a few names in the past, and the most prominent of them was Herrine Ro.

We can understand where this is coming from; the reason people thought Mike Chen and Herrine Ro had a thing between them as the duo has collaborated in several projects together.

Mike Chen has appeared on Herrine Ro's videos several times on her Instagram profiles, but we can assure you, two are nothing than good friends. As a senior video producer and host at Food Insider, Herrine was only doing her work, for which people thought she was dating Mike Chen. Herrine Ro, moreover, is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Carl Mueller. The show producer recently took to her Instagram account to announce her engagement with her beau.

Mike Chen girlfriend christine 2021Mike Chen was also linked with a girl named Christine and expected to be his girlfriend. Chances are, the alleged couple could have dated in the past. {From Left: Mike Chen, Christine, Cici, and Dan}. (Mike Chen's Instagram)

Mike Chen was previously linked to another woman; the name "Christine" rings a bell for many, as the food vlogger has mentioned a few times on his social profiles. Some fans and followers assumed Mike Chen was in a relationship with the girl named Christine, and we have seen him mention the name in around 2014, but with a long gap, the food vlogger mentioned it again in his tweet, saying, "Thank you Christine." tagging a Twitter user.

Maybe, some fans got it right, maybe, just perhaps Mike Chen was dating Christine a few years back, but we can pretty much say he is single now, as he didn't mention the name after his last mention back in 2018. So, maybe that was the end of his relationship with his alleged (ex) girlfriend.

Mike Chen Recently Moved to Dallas, Texas

Having lived all over the U.S. as Mikey's parents opened and closed Chinese buffets, the 40-year-old moved to Dallas, Texas in part recently, as he found the place half the price of his former place in Washington state.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Chen plans to open a Korean steakhouse named "Carne" in Houston and hopes his restaurant will expand to several locations in Texas, including Dallas. In April, he also gave us a tour of his apartment in Dallas; if you haven't watched it already, here's the video.

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