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Meet Celina Ferrer in Rebelde, Estefanía Villarreal: Her Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth, and Facts Explored in 2022

Estefania Villarreal, who plays the character of Celina Ferrer in Netflix's Rebelde, is dating her longtime boyfriend, Gidi Schwartz. The 33-year-old actress has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2022.
Posted On February 25, 2022
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Estefania Villarreal is one of the cast members of Rebelde. Netflix recently released a new series, "Rebelde," on December 5 of 2022. The new series is a reboot of the same name from 2004. it's a musical show where many kids from different backgrounds come along in a private school, EWS and try to make a musical band. Will they be able to form a band? For that answer, you have to watch the series, which is available on Netflix in the 12-episode series.

The show starred Azul Guaita, Giovanna Grigio, Sergio Mayer Mori, Lizeth Selene, Andrea Chaparro, Franco Masini, Estefania Villarreal and many other. Estefania Villarreal, who has appeared in the 2004 Rebelde series as well, formed a musical band named "Citrus or C3Q's," then released the song "No Me Importa (I Don't Care).

Estefania Villareal returned to the series; This time she is playing the character of Celina Ferrer, the principal of Elite Way School. Let's find out more about the cast of Rebelde in this article.

Meet Estefania Villarreal, Actor Who Plays the Role of Celina Ferrer in Rebelde Season 1

Estefania Villarreal is a Mexican actress, television personality, model, and entrepreneur. She was born March 11, 1987, in Monterrey, Nuevo, Leon, Mexico. She is best known for her role in "Rebelde" in 2004-2006; in fact, she debuted her acting career from the series itself.

estefania villarreal boyfriend husbandRebelde star, Estefania Villarreal, is dating her longtime boyfriend, Gidi Schwartz. (Estefania Villarreal Instagram)

Through out the years, Estefania Villareal has appeared on several television seires such as "Guerra de los sexos," Rebelde, "Un refugio para el amor," "Como dice el dicho," "Camelia la Texana," "Despertar Contigo" and many more. Moreover, Estefania is also ranked as a famous soap opera actress and nominated in various award shows. She is currently managed by "Talent On The Road" (talent agency).

Estefania Villarreal Boyfriend: The Rebelde Star is Dating Gidi Schwartz

Estefania Villarreal is dating her longtime boyfriend, Gidi Schwartz, a known entrepreneur; According to the reports, the couple got engaged on October 13, 2019. Their wedding was scheduled for April of 2020, sadly they had to push back the dates due to the pandemic.

Rebelde actress shared she talked about postponing the wedding with her boyfriend, Gidi Schwartz, and he agreed. She added, "I am grateful to have found him in my life," because he is one of the most understanding people one could ever ask for.

Estefania Villarreal Has a Huge Net Worth of $5 Million

Estefania is not only an actress, but she is also a model and an entrepreneur. Her earnings mostly come from her acting career; however, the actress earns well from modeling, sponsored ads, and collaborating with brands. According to the sources, Estefania Villarreal has an estimated net worth of $5million as of 2022.

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