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Jen Armstrong Ex-Boyfriend: RHOC Newbie Dated Bruce Elieff From Newport Beach! Details of Their Relationship in 2022

RHOC new cast Dr. Jen Armstrong was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Bruce Elieff, before meeting her husband, Ryne Holliday.
Posted On January 13, 2022
RHOC Jen Armstrong with her husband, Ryne Holliday.

Jen Armstrong was the newbie of RHOC; she was recently introduced on the Bravo TV show season 16, alongside Noella Bergener. The new RHOC cast is a doctor by profession and a friend of Braunwyn Windham Burke. From what we have seen so far, she is blending in with the other cast members quite well.

As the show progressed, we learned more about Dr. Jen Armstrong and found she is originally from Laguna Beach and still lives in Southern California. Dr. Jennifer Armstrong is an aesthetic MD and runs three practices in her area.

Jen Armstrong, 44, is now married to her husband, Ryne Holliday, 42, and shares three kids, two boys, Vince and Valor, and one daughter Cece. The couple recently bought a $3 million home and now living a blessed life.

Some incidents still haunt Jen Armstrong, though. In one of the episodes, Dr. Jennifer admitted her ex-boyfriend sued her for $850,000. So, who is Jen Armstrong's ex-boyfriend?

Jen Armstrong was in a Relationship with Bruce Elieff

RHOC's new cast, Dr. Jen Armstrong, was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Bruce Elieff. The former couple dated for almost two years and parted ways in 2013. She never revealed why he sued her, but whatever it was, it has left a deep cut on Jen emotionally.

Jen Armstrong ex boyfriend, Bruce Elieff. Suncal billionaire now lives in Newport Beach.Meet Jen Armstrong's ex-boyfriend, Bruce Elieff. SunCal billionaire now lives in Newport Beach.

Jen's ex, Bruce Elieff, is a Billionaire CEO and Chairman of SunCal companies. Bruce's company specializes in residential and commercial property around his home in Newport Beach.

According to Billionaire's social media profiles, Bruce Elief is now married and has a daughter named Kendra. Some reports suggest Jen Armstrong's ex-boyfriend is in his early sixties, making him almost two decades older than his former girlfriend.

How Did Jen Armstrong and Bruce Elief Meet?

In one of the episodes of RHOC, Dr. Jennifer Armstrong revealed that she met Bruce Elief after her father passed away. He was the one who comforted her in the difficult time; however, she also added he was rich and interesting, too.

But Jen's choice to fall for a guy for his money was certainly not a good idea, which she realized later when Bruce Elieff sued her for $850K and regretted after.

Is Bruce Elieff on Instagram?

Indeed, Dr. Jennifer Armstrong's ex-boyfriend, Bruce Elieff, is on Instagram. You can find him on the photo/video sharing platform through the handle @bruceelieff. But you have to send him a follow request to see the posts as his profile is set to private.

Bruce Elieff is also on Facebook; however, he has been inactive on the social media platform since 2019.

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