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Omar Rudberg is Not Gay! The Young Royals Actor Admits He is a Bi; Facts!

Omar Rudberg, one of the cast members of Young Royals, has been in the spotlight following his appearance on the Netflix show. For people who have been curious about his sexuality, the actor revealed he has dated both men and women in the past.
Posted On November 10, 2022
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On November 1, 2022, Netflix released the second season of a Swedish series, "Young Royals" with its six episodes, which you can watch all at once on the streaming platform. The show is well received by the audience. People are loving the series, especially the character of Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm and Omar Rudberg as Simon Eriksson as his lover.

The Swedish series is about a young prince who goes to a famous boarding school where he meets and falls in love with his classmate; however, when their romance is exposed to the public through social media, the young heir has to choose between love or the crown.

As the series portrays a relationship between two young boys who fall in love with each other, people are assuming if the characters are gay in real life as well; As a result, many viewers and fans of Omar Rudberg want to know his sexuality, or is he dating someone? Now lets find out some of the facts about the Swedish actor Omar Rothberg and get to know his side of the story.

Is Young Royals Actor Omar Rudberg Gay?

Omar Rudberg is not gay. But there are still some loose ends where people have the benefit of doubts as the actor doesn't want to open up about his sexuality. The 23-year-old Swedish actor previously revealed he has dated both genders but does not want to clarify his sexuality.

Omar recently said in an interview with QX, where he said, "I have seen people asking and be curious about [his sexuality] but I dont feel like it's important. Whenever I fall in love with that person, I dont have a label; I am very open-minded. Sometimes I date guys, sometimes i date girls, it varies."

Viewers of Young Royals are so fascinated by their characters in the series that they tend to believe they are actually gay, where the actors had to clarify about the ongoing rumors in the interview with Queer Reviews. In the interview, the young royals actor discussed how they admired the characters and loved every bit of the filming. Even though it's fiction, the actors truly did justice to the LGBTQ+ community.

Regarding his personal life, Omar Rudberg is a private person; There's no information about his dating life. So, it's still unclear if he is dating someone at the moment. However, it's confirmed the 23-year-old Omar Rudberg, is bisexual.

Who Is Omar Rudberg from Young Royals?

Omar is a Swedish entertainer, singer and famous actor who was born in 1998 in Caracas, Venezuela. He comes from a Venezuelan-Swedish family background and his mother's name is Wilnur Rudberg.

Omar completed his primary school at a local private high school near by his hometown, and he was also a part of his catholic church choir. When he was a child, Omar learned Baile Folklorico Dance, and was fond of playing guitar, so his parents bought him a guitar when he was just 12 years old.

Omar Rudberg, 23, is Swedish actor who completed his bachelor's degree and started his career in the music industry. The 23-year-old participated in the 4th season of the reality singing show called "Talang," a Swedish version of "Got Talent," in 2010. The show was broadcast on TV4. Later, Omar became a member of the boy-band FO&O (Fooo Conspiracy) from 2013 to 2017.

Is Omar Rudberg Gay? No, but he is bisexual.Is Omar Rudberg Gay? No, but in an interview with QX, the actor revealed he is bisexual. Omar Rudberg's Instagram.

The boyband FO&O released their first album called "Off The Grid," which came in top on Swedish national chart in 2013. Apart from this, the boyband competed in Melodifestivalen, the 57th edition of the Swedish music competition, and successfully reached to final on SVT, with the final song "Gotta Think About You." Sadly, Omar Rudberg's band made the announcement to disband in 2017.

The Swedish singer, Omar Rudberg, started his solo music career with his single "Que-pasa" featuring rapper Lumix in 2019. Moreover, Omar participated in 59th edition, Swedish music competition Mel Festivalen, and successfully reached top 20 hit in Sweden with his solo song "Om Om Och Om Igen".

In 2021, Omar debuted his career as an actor after appearing on the Netflix series, "Young Royals," as Simon, which led him to establish as an actor, and he is mostly famous from the series worldwide.

Omar Rudberg Net Worth

Omar rudberg, net worth is estimated to be $2million as of 2022, his income mostly comes from acting career, from his songs, ads and brand promotions besides his earnings are also comes from his social media, such as youtube, instagram and other platform, the star is also known being a social media influencer.

You can follow and find Omar Rudberg on Instagram through his social handle, @officialomar. Omar  has over 1.9 million followers on his Insta. He has over 150 posts on his profile, and yes, he is active and regularly on his account.

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