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Jeff Banks Girlfriend in 2021: Texas Football Coach is Dating Danielle Thomas, aka Pole Assassin! His Dating Life Explored

Jeff Banks (Texas football coach) is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, from Austin. The couple has been dating for a while now.
Posted On December 5, 2021
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Jeff Banks is the assistant football head coach and special teams coordinator for Texas A&M. Jeff has been with Texas Longhorn since January 22, 2021; before serving as the assistant head coach, Banks worked as the special teams' coordinator and tight end coach alongside Steve Sarkisian at Texas A&M.

Before joining Texas A&M, Jeff Banks worked as the running backs coach and special teams coordinator at Virginia. Moreover, the head assistant coach is a former player himself. Jeff was a two-time all-conference punter for Washington State, posting a 42.8-yard average as a junior and 43.4-yard average as a senior.

While talking about his personal life, Jeff Banks was formerly married to a wife with whom he shares a daughter, Sydnei Banks, and two sons, Gage Banks and Tanner Banks. Following the end of a marriage with his former wife, Jeff Banks started dating his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, aka Pole Assassin.

Jeff Banks is Dating Dani Thomas

Jeff Banks is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, from Austin, Texas. The couple has been in dating for a while now. According to the reports, Jeff Banks' girlfriend, Dani Thomas, is a pole dancer. Recently, Jeff Banks GF, Pole Assassin, has started a business.

According to Jeff's girlfriend's social media profiles, Dani Thomas has started an online business, "Twisstyle Wear," where she sells over the top "exotic" lingerie. Moreover, she also owns a pet shop and many more; it seems she is doing pretty well as an entrepreneur.

Since we already mentioned "pet," here's this interesting story that recently surfaced. If you are here, we already assume you know about Jeff Banks' girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, who owns a monkey as a pet, right? Recently, something bad came up for the couple; the couple is facing a civil lawsuit.

Jeff Banks' Girlfriend's Monkey Allegedly Bit a Child

The story goes way back to October of 2021 (not very long ago, but it still feels nice to make it sound dramatic). Anyways, coming back to the topic now, Jeff Banks' Girlfriend, Pole Assassin, owns a monkey named "Gia." It seems the couple loves their pet monkey and has a dedicated Instagram account for it, too.

So the monkey is like their own child for them, and the family of three wanted to have some for Halloween. Jeff Banks, Danielle Thomas, and their monkey Gia invited some friends and families for Halloween at their Austin house. While everything was going well for the family, little did they know, something bad was coming.

jeff banks gfJeff Banks is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Danielle Thomas, from Austin.
The couple has been dating for a while now. (Sports Illustrated)

Unfortunately, a child of friends invited to Dani Thomas' house for the Halloween party got bitten by the monkey. Following the incident, the couple is facing a civil lawsuit. According to the reports by ESPN, though the incident took place in October, the lawsuit was filed this week in Travis County District Court in Austin, Texas.

The child's parents, Amy Clinkenbeard and Casey Clinkenbeard sought damages for gross negligence and defamation on behalf of their son. The child has been identified as "C.C" in the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, "C.C. was forced to pry the monkey's jaw open manually, There was so much blood that C.C. was unable to see the full extent of the injury."

Is Jeff Banks Fired After the Incident? What are Fans Saying?

The incident, dubbed as "TheMonkeyGate," has sparked quite a stir on social media platforms. While it is still unclear if Jeff Banks was fired or not, one thing is for certain, the 46-year-old head assistant coach and his girlfriend are receiving hate all over social media.

One fan wrote, "Monkeys don't belong with humans anyway, you'll end up getting rid of it sooner or later, I hope the kid is alright ?f the monkey ????."

While the culprit is the monkey here and the social media user has a pretty good point too, we still think diverting hate towards the animal who doesn't know how to act around strangers is still not a good idea; if one person that's on the wrong here is, for sure, Jeff Banks' girlfriend.

While some followers of Dani on her Instagram defended her, one user wrote, "It seems like that pre-teen boy went to their house with other motives and trespassed to find that monkey. That boy didn't go to enjoy the Halloween festivities. @poleassassin_ keep protecting your baby monkey. ❤️"

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