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Choi Young Ah Accuses Her Ex-Boyfriend Kim Seon Ho of Forcing an Abortion

Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor Kim Seon Ho apologized his ex-girlfriend for forcing an abortion!
Posted On October 20, 2021
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Choi Young Ah, a KBS reporter and ex-girlfriend of South Korean actor Kim Seon Ho, accused her former partner of allegedly forcing her an abortion. The news came as a shock for many South Korean drama fans. Recently Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor apologized for his action.

The South Korean actor came to prominence to a worldwide audience through his latest stint on the tvN series Hometown Cha Cha. Kim Seon-Ho portrayed the character of Hong Du Sik, aka Chief Hong.

Following the allegations, the 35-year-old actor issued a statement with an apology for his careless and inconsiderate actions towards his ex-girlfriend, Choi Young Ah. In the statement, the actor said,

"This is Kim Seon Ho. I sincerely apologize for the belated statement. I experienced a fear that felt for the first time after the article with the mention of my name was released a while ago, and that is why I am writing this now."

"I met her with good emotions. In that process, I hurt her due to my carelessness and inconsiderate actions. I wanted to meet and apologize to her directly, but I am not able to properly convey the apology now and am waiting for that time to come. For now, I would like to genuinely apologize to her through this statement," the actor added.

The actor further apologized to his co-stars for causing trouble and "sincerely" apologized to everyone who was hurt. However, his statement couldn't save him from exiting the shows he was recently involved in. The 35-year-old actor was dropped from the KBS2 series, "2 Days & 1 Night Season 4."

The network released a statement, which stated that Kim Seon-Ho will be edited out from the already filmed footage to "reduce discomfort felt by viewers." Moreover, the actor also lost several brand endorsements following the controversy.

Choi Young Ah and Kim Seon-Ho Relationship

According to some reports, Choi Young Ah was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Kim Seon Ah, for several years. As it seems, the former couple was in a healthy relationship, at least, from what Choi saw it.

choi young ah boyfriend 2021 kim seonhoChoi Young Ah accused her ex-boyfriend, Kim Seon Ho, that he forced her for an abortion with false marriage promises. (KBI Zoom)

The KBS reporter, Choi Young Ah, alleged to her ex-boyfriend that he forced her for an abortion with a false of marrying her. As soon as she aborted the child, the Hometown Cha Cha Cha actor fled.

To prove her point, Choi Young Ah shared several posts from her past while she was in a relationship with Kim Seon-Ho. The allegations came after the final episode of Hometown Cha Cha premiered on Netflix on 17th October 2021.

Choi Young Ah Boyfriend: Is She Dating Someone Now?

As of now, it's not confirmed if Choi Young Ah has a new boyfriend or not, as most of her social media are disabled following the new controversy. But according to some sources, Choi Young Ah is single and doesn't have a boyfriend as of 2021.

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